Nutrilab Pratama was established in 2003 as a private limited company in Jakarta. It went into operation in 2006 with main business in importing, sales and marketing of life science and medical products, especially focusing more on Diagnostics, Biotechnologies, Microbiology, Life Science and Healthcare products.

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We serves the needs of customers, mainly in: Research Centers, Hospitals & Laboratories, Universities, Vaccine Manufacturers, Blood Bank and Industries (Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical) etc. To give a better service to our customer, we are working thru our own representative offices, sub- distributors and several local dealers throughout Indonesia.

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"Become the best partner in the needs of the field of health and life sciences research"


Providing the best service to customers by maintaining quality of products we supply and guarantee a fast delivery. Give a quick response to customers in terms of sales and product information. Manage business through best practices by optimizing human resources, building mutually beneficial partnerships and supporting each other.